I am happy to finally give away my sunshine blogger awards to the winners, as well as share some information about myself!

And the winners areeeee *cue suspense music*

http://bareyournakedtruth.wordpress.com/ – So great to be a winner of a blog with you, and I can honestly say that I can offer this award right back to you Nicole! You offer a pure touch to each entry. I love the realness about it.

http://dversepoets.com/ – A GREAT way to network with other writers! I love this blog, since they offer a web variation of “open mic nights”

http://wordrustling.wordpress.com/ – Hannah shares a positive vibe through her blog entries, positivity is the sunshine in everyones world of darkness.

http://30minfiction.wordpress.com/ – Nick’s poem “Innocence”, spoke to me and has inspired an entire poem for me. Thank you!

http://blackpoets.wordpress.com/- Ayvaunn Penn has created an artistic safehaven for Black writers and artists to come together and share their work. Definite plus!

It really is hard to point out just a few blogs, since I have come across so many amazing and talented people on wordpress. It is always so personal to share your work online for millions to possibly see and comment on, so that in itself is a huge accomplishment.

About me!

My name: Kymmie, Kim, or however else it would like to be said.
Age: 26 years old, Birthday in August
Favorite color: Red or Black. I am into deep and dark colors, they have a bad rep. What is life without darkness?
Favorite movie: Hotel Rwanda and The Kingdom. Both are real and realistic about what goes on in different Countries, exposes the taboo characteristics and ideals.
Favorite Documentary: The Black Power Mixtapes. Look it up!
Favorite book: Huey P Newton Story
Favorite artist/song: Changes with the days, but right now I am loving Little Dragon. I will always and forever be an avid Dead Prez fan.
Favorite poem:Way too many to name

Ultimately i’d like to finish my book. Not to publish, but to accomplish the goal and say that i’ve done it.

Well thats a little about..


Thanks for reading!