Freestyle Poetry, Writing Words with No Pen

I was driving home from work yesterday, contemplating whether I was going to perform at an open mic the same night. I wanted to do something raw… I pulled out my phone and recorded the below poem as it fell from my mouth. I have titled this…..

 “Freestyle Poetry”

I stumbled across a pen today;
Knees and elbows scraped up and bruised
scared and confused, because my mind is
a book, but I have no words.

I already had a title
“Lost In Translation”
But when I got to the next page
There was no manifestation.

Wonder how I could walk around with this empty book?
What do I do? Look around and ponder
How others write, and scribble words I don’t understand
As I read and read, and then close my eyes
Yet, I couldn’t feel them even if they were fucking me.

I suppose I could put together a jingle or two;
since I try to live my life earthsong.
Kind of hard to stay in tune though, when
the words are coming out wrong.
Guess I gotta dig deep for this poetry
You know, the kind that stops everybody in their tracks.
Help them with their lack, of communication.

I know I got it inside me
Now its causing frustration.
Guess I’ll get up and try this thing tomorrow
When life comes to get me.
So I can speak my words like a spoken word artist,
That stumbled across a pen and created poetry.


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