Every fight felt like I was mourning the loss of the greatest love of my life.

And now…I am wondering how I am going to pay for the burial.



I firmly believe that the essence of anxiety in regards to love, is the fear of leaving the safety of unhappiness to enter A world where we have to deal with ourselves and our truest expectations, no matter how unhealthy. A security blanket wrapped in a clinical diagnosis…

I don’t know which is worse, being loved fearfully, or the fact that I am closing in on the truth that someday, she will find her strength and leave me for what makes her happy.

Could be strong like the moon

But we burn like the sun.

Washed into the ocean in waves

Buried alive in the sand.

I want you to be a part of me, so much so that without you breathing would be like breathing under water, but instead I feel your hands wrapped around my neck; breathing fire down my back, widening the holes where many before you have stabbed me before…

How many times can I say that I want this chaos to be peaceful?

That I know how to win the war but I choose to let you succeed in complaining, sitting quietly?

The Revolution

The Revolution:

Patience is like the revolution
Her colors may not luster
but she is not diverted
By the obstacles created by lifes
She is the demiurge,
Initiator of this world we call patience,
which is in the beyond bounds
of possibility
Making rocks with
what starts as water drops
Proven what is impatiently
grazed by those of lesser compassion
Creates the essence of her sustainability

Who Said It?- Religion

No religion basically believes that material progress alone is sufficient for humankind.  All religions believe in forces beyond material progress.  All agree that it is very important and worthwhile to make a strong effort to serve human society.

To do this, it is important that we understand each other.  In the past, due to narrow-mindedness and other factors, there has sometimes been discord between religious groups.  This should not happen again.  If we look deeply into the value of a religion in the context of the worldwide situation, we can easily transcend these unfortunate happenings.  For, there are many areas of common ground on which we can have harmony.  Let us just be side by side- helping, respecting, and understanding each other – in common effort to serve humankind.  The aim of human society must be the compassionate betterment of human beings.

We are now going through a period of demolition. In morals, in social life, in politics, in medicine, and in religion there is a universal upturning of foundations. But the day of reconstruction seems to be looming, and now the grand question is: Are there any sure and universal principles that will evolve a harmonious system in which we shall all agree?