You think that you were hurting me,

but I promise I was letting you.


So, THATS why I am happier. :)

What I want to say is,

I had always imagined you,
But I hadn’t imagined the existence of you.
You are my dream,
And I am the dreamcatcher.

You are fire,
and after being watered down with mediocrity
before you;
I am finally burning.

We have extraordinary conversations ordinarily
In such a short time you have me wanting infinitely,
Keeping my mind moving in directions that run circles
around negativity.

Everyday before today has become
and tomorrow with you is a goal.
Before, there were always nobody’s but I gave them
the somebody in me
To pass up time and to stay relevant in the life
of someone else, didn’t realize how much I was
losing,  until they left and I gained everything
when I met you.
For the first time what felt normal wasn’t normal,
My lines have changed from “I don’t want to hurt
you” to “I won’t hurt you”,
nothing is clearer
Love has found me, and I am happy.

It’s Nothing Really.

I am your abnormal, everyday artist.

I have one of those unexplainable imaginations. I can’t make up my mind about things, and I am anal and analytical about pretty much everything that goes on around me. People are astonished as to why I write so much. I express myself this way, if I don’t do it then I’d probably bury my head into the sand most of time. I can take your bad day and turn it into a story, and I can take the smallest situation and turn it into a poem. I probably drink too much, and as I get older I see that I am a bit *too* open-minded, because my thought process goes to “hmm..I wonder if I can turn this into something?”

I am obsessed.

So obsessed that I turned my friends cancer story into a book in merely 6 months. Her story is so fascinating that I can’t stop myself from going home, opening up my laptop, and adding in an extra chapter. Can you imagine? Being a regular 25-year-old woman with men problems, trying to determine your next move in life, and then being halted with such devastation? It was like a movie. She is an artist herself, naturally talented with singing and doing hair. Shes an outgoing personality that has a lot of friends and a great way of making you laugh, even when you don’t want to. The irony that she is the one that develops Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma just blows my mind.

Reviewing the events of 2012, I can say that a lot of good and bad has happened. It has been a long 4 seasons for me. Circumstances that have changed me, in ways that I was not prepared. Such changes has drastically altered friendships, ended relationships….I guess that was the part I was not prepared for. I am still thankful though,because ironically I am a lot happier then I’ve been, but it still feels like there is something lacking. Doesn’t feel like it is a person, more so like an experience of some sort. Weird.

Anyhow, just speaking to my readers :)…so you can learn a little more about me.