I Can Help You Get A Job!

So…everyone in my family knows that I am the queen of getting jobs (the rare times when I don’t have one). It is because I have come up with a flawless system that has worked for me for a few years now. I thought I would share my tips with you guys. 😀

1. Find out what market you would like your job to be in. I usually focus on my three core positive traits (personality/customer service skills, business sense, ability to sell myself/products). I would apply for jobs that would be sales with a great commission/incentive package…(like what I do now in furniture rental sales)
2. Make sure that you have two or three SOLID resumes. No mistakes. Make sure that you make yourself sound like the (realistic) superstar…even if you were a cashier at walmart. Upsell yourself! You are looking to buy the time for an interview..your resume is your first FIRST impression. I say two or three because you want a resume that represents the JOB you are APPLYING for! If you are looking into working in an office, do not send them a resume that talks about you working at an amusement park. Most likely that want some form of experience…you need to put emphasis on that.
3. This is my own personal thing…and it may vary for some people..but I don’t apply for jobs that pay less than $15.00 per hour. That is because i’ve made at least that and I feel I am worth more (no uppity younger generation thing with me, its just that I strive and treat every business I work with as if it were my own…I would like to be paid for that) and I know that if someone is contacting me for a position, I know they meet my pay expectations from jump.
4. KNOW WHEN TO APPLY FOR WORK. I would get up at 7 or 8 am, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and blast my resume. “Blasting” means I would write down the email addresses/open up outlook message drafts for at least 20 companies I found via craigslist/monster/or careerbuilders and I would send them ALL a PERSONAL email message, a long with my cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation. Do this earlier in the week, and focus on the dates of the job posting because you want to make sure your email is seen. I used to be an office manager and would get HUNDREDS of resumes sent to me every few days. I literally scanned through the email body before I thought to open the attachments. Make yourself interesting in that email body.
5. Make sure your email address is professional! Do not send from swagouttathisworld@gmail.com. Come on. That most likely disregards you right there.
6. BE PERSISTENT. It takes time to find a job that works for you, but you can. Just have to make sure you don’t give up because you may have a slow day.
7. If you follow the steps above, I GUARENTEE YOU that you will get calls for interviews. Once you do, then remain calm, confident, and open. Don’t just assume that the job is good for you. ITS A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. Go into the interview and listen to what they say…make sure you write down a question or two, and DEFINITELY do research on the company…I got ALL of my positions (including the one im in now) just by knowing a little about the company during the first interview. (Also, make sure you take a copy of your cover/resume on NICE paper..)
8. Good luck guys, I know how hard it is out there…and I’d like to see us all growing, learning, and doing better. Every person that i’ve helped to get a job…got the job. So..If you need a lil help with your resume then let me know…I’m known for putting good resumes together.