The tattooed and tortured


Why do we tattoo our bodies?
Is it in the name of art, or because we feel that we have to?
I think that, like love, it hurts us but we want more;
To feel the pain and let it settle enough to scar beautifully onto us
To showcase the signs of torture in us.
Our own personal warrior paint.

Then again, when I look at my tattoos, I don’t see art. I see experiences. Bad times, or good times with bad people. I let it set in, I guess in a way it’s me never letting go of her, that time, or that feeling.

What do your tattoos mean?


For Real,

I am not real.
I am just really inexplicable.
Really human,
I am not real.
Real is relative,
When really,
I’m just trying
to make it
in the real world,
and the expectations
aren’t reality..
But really,
what can I expect
in a place where
the real me
is created by
the perception
of someone else’s
So, no. I am not real.
I am just really,
another stain
on this planet,
and no. I didn’t plan it.



Who really understands the complications of mathematics?

Too lazy to comprehend the difficulties in division

I just know that the divide exists between our colors and it’s not

adding up.

The common denominator is we’re human, though religion

creates subtraction of acceptance and deception carries the torch

When we act upon our terrorist activities just because we don’t want

to understand those who are different.

One plus one, carry the 2 and multiply by a billion, we all have the same

issues, passing through this lifeline trying to get an E for effort.

Einstein said E equals MC squared, the formula for energy and matter

Yet we put energy in issues that don’t matter

Multiplication in discrimination

Numbers high, a world epidemic taking over the minds of our children

As they watch and learn this hard world that we live in.

Guess if we want to solve this problem,

We have to do the math.

ART-Gustav Klimt

I admire art from a lightly enlightened distance. Partly because I know that it is a totally different artistic world from which I am used to, like writing, and also because it can be so beautiful and inspirational that it intimidates me at times. What someone can put together on a canvas is crazy!

I’ve been following the works of current day artists, like Banksy:

and Aya Tarek:


mostly because I’m into rebel art and graffiti/street pieces, but every once in a while I find myself scrolling through the history of different painters from the past and wondering what influenced them to put together something we can still look at today. (Gahh, I love it!) One of the inspirational pieces for me is this one by Gustav Klimt:


This piece has the visual luminosity that can help me create a whole story or poem. The woman’s face is beautiful, the colors are remarkable. Dope, right?

Share some of your favorite pieces! Continue reading “ART-Gustav Klimt”