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San Francisco

Los Angeles






New York

Washington D.C.


Las Vegas

New Orleans

San Diego-

I had to delete photos of us in all of these places. It took me about 30 minutes.

A reminder that no matter how many places we’ve traveled, our final destination is being strangers in our city.

In vibrant health,

Your ex Kymmie




I will always love you, as is. Imperfect, broken, re-constructing. Even when I get injured in your process.

I find myself in the same place I was in 6 years ago.

Lost, distracted…distant.

Coming up with a new plan to disappear slowly.

People wonder what could have done for you 

When you’re gone.

And all they had to do was listen. 

When you think there isn’t any hope at the bottom.

I told myself it was okay to sink.

Okay to sink in the water at the bottom of the well

That I falling into

Even though I would probably drown.

It went on and on, giving me time to think about

The outcome;

Giving me time

To accept the outcome.

That my anticipation was guaranteed,

There was dirty water beneath me. 

When I finally hit the bottom,

It was as dry as the Saharan skies

My surprise came as I realized that I had survived

Though, it hurt like hell.

I guess my life lesson is that I can anticipate the worse outcome,

But the reality can be much harder,

And I will still live.