When we close the blinds on the weekends

I am drowning in my imperfections,

and you think you are throwing water 

on a fire…


The cost of being human

I’ve often wondered why it is so hard for me to keep a friendship in my pocket.

Why I lose people faster than I lose pennies,  nickels and dimes.


Why it was so expensive to invest in people, and cheaper to simply see them temporarily and steal them as a memory.

The truth is, I feel closer to those with a few demons in them

And it feels a bit easier to talk to you, when I know that your soul has been dipped in a tar pit. 

The ones who wear their imperfections like it is the foundation of their swagger.

Lately, I have come across those who appear to be blemish free, and my rough skin ruins their imagery. I can’t quite keep up with the energy it takes to make everyone else happy…and the price I’ve paid is a single seat in an empty auditorium where this show called “life” plays on, and people have chosen to be on the outside looking in.

It’s a lonely one, but the show must go on..