The air is bad here,
and I am breathing
but I can’t breathe.
I keep thinking that
there is only one more
breakdown to go, then
will I disappear?



Spirituality is our birthmother.

Prayer is our phone call home to soothe the chaos.

I am not the most religious person. I don’t go to church, I don’t live my life by the bible, but I pray. I pray for the sins that I know to commit, and the ones that I don’t. To be forgiven, not really for the opportunity to spend my afterlife with the Maker…not even sure if I believe in that, but for the forgiveness of my ignorance in case I am wrong. This world I live in is tainted. I pray that it doesn’t take me down with it, that I am not a victim to my surroundings, and that bad times come and go like minutes on the clock.

I pray that my mistakes don’t come to haunt me. That I don’t let go of something that is supposed to be in my life forever, that I am learning all of the right things, and not assuming all of the wrong things.

Tonight, I pray that God continues to bless me…His flawed child, and in return I will continue to walk in the path he leads me, whether I understand it or not.


I catch you staring at me.

Standing right there, feet and distrust planted in concrete.

You know that one step further and you’ll fall into me and never climb your way back out.

I watch you in question, whether it was love or hate that has brought you here.

“Keep coming”

that’s the message that I’m getting, so I chase you-

but only enough for you to give your heart some exercise.

I never told you that it would be easy to love me…