Nowhere Fast


You see yourself getting nowhere fast
Your last passes you by,
Without a warning.
The next road, you hope
The colors will change,
Dullness from pain,
Will transform to a happiness
That rewards you.

I’m slowing down…now…
And if we don’t move together,
At the same pace…then I’m faced with
The decision to stop moving
With you.



Shes more than I ever wanted


      A little extra.





All for you, love


      My love.

Positivity Born From Negativity: Life

Each breath is so precious,
That if we knew how much it was worth,
We’d want to hold them all inside of us.

Life is a divine paradox.
Gives us so much to live for,
But will quickly be taken away.
No time to question why, or what
Happens next, just that we’d better
Appreciate each breath of fresh air,
Because no matter what…one day it
Won’t be there.


Freestyle poem 8

My eyes are as clairvoyant as the moon,
I see you through and through,
but yet- you are a stranger.
I've loved you until the sun calls,
while heaviness in my heart makes tears fall
Can't save myself from all of the tumors
called feelings, taking me down like a cancer.

Love extinct

She was asked about love…

“what do you remember?”

“No words” she replied.
“No faces” she continued…

“Feelings, tears, hope, the sun blazing, my eyes burning; my heart yearning. I’ve missed her. She melted me. Enough to write an entire book in my head. Kept me walking backward into an abyss, the unknowing, hurting, trusting her with only love to draw our painting. No practice, petrifying teachers leading us to failing, but we were trying to save ourselves from drowning, save ourselves from doom.”

But love died around us, died inside of us…all that was left, was the mourning.