World Wide Web


The World Wide Web.

So many things can be found on the internet.
Pictures of history,
1 or 1000 documentaries;
poems talking about love, about how their love has
“moved the ground beneath their feet!”
Some self-help sites in a multitude of degrees, from sex
to financial responsibility…one could really find the answer
to virtually everything,


Why does it have so much power over my relationship? O_o

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress;
each one of these websites are a vessel
to my distress. I’d like to care less…Because let’s face it,
none of the people behind my screen are on my team,
but would that include my queen? The one I’d expect
to be loyal to me, and not how many times she’ll get
Woman Crush Wednesday’d in a week? Or writing something clever enough
for someone to re-tweet? I mean, can someone point out a
solution or me…? What am I missing? Has the World Wide Web
made normal communicative relationships obsolete? And don’t get me
wrong…in many ways, I am guilty…I suppose I know it’s because
I know she’d read my facebook page before she’d pick up the phone
to call me, voice messages and house phones are..antiques. A letter is
like the Sunday newpaper, nobody really reads those things! Why, when
you have the internet to appease?


Wake me up when the phone rings…let me know when you can leave the world wide web for the real world with me.;


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