Peace In Pieces

Kymmie The Writer

-Peace in pieces-

Perpetuating thoughts of peace in
the form of two bodies resembling
the likes of you and I.
A piece of this relationship is contaminated
with resistive actions
and reactions causing us both to
rebel against the peace we DID share
in our once conjoined enamory.
And even with me offering you every piece of me
A piece of this, a piece of that
A piece of heart, and soul
And love, I guess.
You come back with hands open
asking for more.
Offering disharmony, the antonym of peace when
We are fighting and fighting and finally
You threw that wine glass against the wall
as if the wall were me.
That red liquid running down
Looking as if i’m bleeding on
our carpet, our foundation
-Covered with pieces of broken glass
symbolizing our happiness.
I have to get back to that state of peace,
the peace of…

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