This sick feel just won’t go away. Everything that I eat or drink doesn’t seem to stay down. Probably from a mixture of things. I “celebrated” my new life changes a little too hard yesterday, and it left me completely incoherent and pretty much a dead body up until this very moment. My head is pounding, stomach turned upside down, and on top of that my heart broken because my girlfriend broke up with me while I was passed out from alcohol poisoning. I’m feeling pretty low. Stresses are being relieved, but a new one seems to be in the shadows, can’t seem to keep up with myself because something always happens. Ironic enough that I get rid of the one thing that made me the most unhappy, and in the process lost the one person I did look forward to having. A reminder that regardless of how much I may be accepting of others, no one else (but my mama, of course) will be there for me during my vulnerable times.
Now I lay here, figuring out my next move. I jumped in between “Should I change my number now?”, to “Maybe ill get a second job.” But have come to a conclusion that I just need to relax. Accept. Move on. Hope you all are having a better day than me.