Violation Of Royalty- The Alarming Statistics Of Sexual Corruption Of Our Black Women

Kymmie The Writer

I knew he had them hot and rugged finger tips-
from the time he playfully brushed them through my hair.
but this time they felt different
When he touched me down there…”

She was sitting with me at a bar, the place was empty, probably about 6 people in there including us and the bartender. My friend was a beautiful Black woman, her hair natural, pulled back into a bun in the back of her head. Her face almost always owned a scowl, she was usually angry. But today she looked like she was 10 years old. Her features mirrored innocence, not the kind of that you see from kids running around laughing on playgrounds, but more like a child who looked down to hide the fact that she had been hurt by someone she had loved. I nudged her and asked her was she okay, she finally looked up and…

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One thought on “Violation Of Royalty- The Alarming Statistics Of Sexual Corruption Of Our Black Women

  1. Today, women account for about 1 in 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. Of these newly infected women, about 2 in 3 are African-American. Most of these women got HIV from having unprotected sex with a man. Even with these alarming rates, we are rivaling with Countries in Africa with more HIV/AID outbreaks as time goes on. I wonder why this is? We could blame it on sheer ignorance, or even with the fact that we don’t expect it to happen to us, but both excuses are not good enough when battling an epidemic that is taking the lives of our Black women and children.

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