Placing Our Heart On The Rack

The holder, supporter, stand, or shelf.

cause extreme physical or mental pain to; subject to extreme stress

The definition shifts,  but they both hold significance to where our hearts
may stray.
Hurt stops from allowing us to live emotionally
beyond our means. We give what we can afford, indefinitely; no matter
the bargain we get for the hearts of others,
sometimes we even get it for free.
The problem with this system is that their souls, we bleed, until there is no more but
their own placement of where the heart may be–where nothing but emotional pain
will be held to succeed.

The framework is quite beautiful actually
when you look at the alternate possibilities,
being hurt destroys us all
in some monumental or miniscule form;
but we are ultimately destroyed in some way, temporarily.
Until we can again take our hearts and place them on a rack
to be restored.


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