I keep playing the scene in my head.
From where it was all fun and games until the moment they sat and said “your girlfriend French kissed her friend!”. I didn’t want to believe it, because you said you loved me, but quickly came to reality when I told myself that your love was never about me, it was always all about you. I keep jumping back and forth from heart break to acceptance, parts of me want to curse you for betraying me, other parts want to ask why? When ive been nothing but supportive of you, that is the part that hurts the most, thinking about the moments when I tried so hard to be close to you, and all I got was drunken rampages that usually ended with you not remembering anything. I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself that you are the victim…again, can tell that by your poems and reactions, no sorry towards me, just blocking me from your life like I didn’t mean shit to you. You’re probably convinced all of your friends that I’ve had a negative impact on your life, whatever makes you feel better. Just know that despite it all, I’ll move along, with shame on my mind for the love in my heart, myself too..going back to…


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