Wotd 2

Shallow relationships can still go deep enough for you to drown.

Be careful.


Seven Thoughts At Midnight

Perhaps I shouldn’t drink this wine,
because it has me seeing lips and hearing voices
that have been distant like a third ward Country.
Recreating your touch, and it feels like I’ve been
laying on a field with sprinklers constantly raining
down mistakes and mishaps of our love, back when it
was more than my body could handle…

Mea Culpa

“Its not you,  it’s me”
Keeps me awake at night,
With the harsh reality that
Its neither you or me,  it’s us;
And we can’t get it right. 
Everyday I’ve fought for you,
Because life has molded me
A soldier,  but it seems that
I’ve become a casualty, by the
Hands of my own lover. 
Haven’t been able to keep myself
Sane, doesnt look like there is
Much room for logic in love.
And at the fault of my own
betraying heart,
I now have to return to being
That soul-less lover.

Sci-Phi: Love

Susie falls for Sally with the same heart that has sung a beat before she
saw the lights beaming through her birth room;
We underestimate its power with our preposterous expectations of love,
when in fact it is a perfect congruence of philosophy and science; wishing and
fairy-tale; knowing, yet never knowing and still we are disappointed when it doesn’t
go the consistent speed we are expecting…

It will hurt us to the core, everytime.

These Are The Signs

I just wanted to lay up with you, and talk about the particular nothing’s of today
and know that the disappointments I’ve felt with you everyday yesterday, had risen up like the sunrise into whats known as a happy relationship,
With some old bumps in the road.

I hold my breath…hoping that you would
take my breath away, but I’m losing
oxygen in the brain watching you fold
your arms and pout because I want you to open up and you want to be stuck in your ways.

We all grow; we grow at our own pace,
And who knows the place we have to be in mentally to gain the appreciation for our lovers peacefully, without the hassle of losing them…

I don’t know love, you’re losing me while I’m waiting on you to notice me, to grow with me..maybe..starting to think that this won’t be happening..