Things are finally feeling back to normal.
Past few months have been opaque, unexplainable.
My heart has been swallowed up in a plastic bag,
gasping, suffocating from a lack of air.
I will blame it on the season change.
It were as if my head was aware of the changes,
but unlike before,
I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop myself from
raging on the inside.

I hated it.

Got an email this morning from an Editor of a semi-popular weekly newspaper here in San Diego. I turned in a test article by request, focusing on the most prominent LGBT moments in history. Here’s her response:


to me
Hi Kimberly,
Your article was wonderful!!  We’d love to have you!

What would you like to be called in your by-line? I would just need your paperwork back, since you will be getting paid for this writing assignment. We will discuss compensation a bit further when you come in.

I’ll also need a photograph for your press badge.
Let me know when you’re free to talk!

Reading this has made me feel two things: Proud of myself, because I have been able to get writing gigs with publications and I have a very limited formal educational background in Journalism. (Lets face it, but I just write stuff and post it, barely catching errors lol.) I also felt empty, not sure if it’s because I am intimidated by the demands of writing, or if it is because I am at an age where I know every step that I take counts for something. I am no longer at that place where I can f**k around and rely on my youth to cover for me.

All in all, I am very happy with the fact that I can make sense of all of the things I have been ignoring recently, and can’t wait to see what happens with my career, writing, love life, and etcetera.