Can I talk to you?

Things are finally feeling back to normal.
Past few months have been opaque, unexplainable.
My heart has been swallowed up in a plastic bag,
gasping, suffocating from a lack of air.
I will blame it on the season change.
It were as if my head was aware of the changes,
but unlike before,
I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop myself from
raging on the inside.

I hated it.

Got an email this morning from an Editor of a semi-popular weekly newspaper here in San Diego. I turned in a test article by request, focusing on the most prominent LGBT moments in history. Here’s her response:


to me
Hi Kimberly,
Your article was wonderful!!  We’d love to have you!

What would you like to be called in your by-line? I would just need your paperwork back, since you will be getting paid for this writing assignment. We will discuss compensation a bit further when you come in.

I’ll also need a photograph for your press badge.
Let me know when you’re free to talk!

Reading this has made me feel two things: Proud of myself, because I have been able to get writing gigs with publications and I have a very limited formal educational background in Journalism. (Lets face it, but I just write stuff and post it, barely catching errors lol.) I also felt empty, not sure if it’s because I am intimidated by the demands of writing, or if it is because I am at an age where I know every step that I take counts for something. I am no longer at that place where I can f**k around and rely on my youth to cover for me.

All in all, I am very happy with the fact that I can make sense of all of the things I have been ignoring recently, and can’t wait to see what happens with my career, writing, love life, and etcetera.


One thought on “Can I talk to you?

  1. Thank you for providing information and a forum for the youth coach. I coach a 5th grade program in University Place Washington, outside of Tacoma. UP Viking football is associated with the Curtis High School program and we enjoy use of a 4A stadium most of the time for home games. The program is grades 4-7 and I ran offense my first 4 year run and am now head coach of the 6th grade after haveing the same kids in the 4th and 5th grades and going 17-1 with two championships. I have talented kids and our program supports the coaches and lets the coaches coach. I thank you for helping me be a better coach by helping me understand the few really important things that have to be done to be successful. We practice a lot of tackling with in struction. We run 10 running and 6 passing plays from 4 formations. A few have motion. Last year I got 11 of 25 kids in the endzone for touchdowns or extra points. Most of the time we sub 11 kids on defense every 4 plays. Simply because we practice the simple stuff over and over. We put kids in spots they can do what they do best. Last years championship game I did not pass once and we won 18-0. When we do pass we complete 65 percent of our passes. Yes we run the crunch series, thanks to you. I helped our 4th grade offense which was 0-3 to run the crunch series and they went 5-3 and won the championship. Simple stuff over and over. We never go on two. Next year we will run the fill sweep which will introduce pulling for our guards. Also we will introduce a wildcat snap series. The coaches I coach with read your books and your website and put what you offer to use. The tough thing for me is I have the talent to run the spread shotgun option, but if I could I would run the double wing. That is what is great about football. Thank you again and I hope you have great success in all you do.

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