All of a sudden, there is new.

In 1999, I used to wish for  a better place to lay my head.
Never knew where it was, or how I’d get there,
but I knew it would be through disappearing.
Laying my head on the dingy mattress, I’d think about
trusting the world, and the prizes inside it.
Love would be a requirement, suffering would be a prison
sentence to those who refused to accept our way of life.
I would no longer be hungry, I will no longer lose sleep,
My blemished wings will be healed instantly, and oh how we’d
love the differences that are our humanity.
Years have passed down like minutes, and my mattress
dreams have transformed into a pillow of reality,
I meditate to alter my way of thinking, because the older
I’d gotten, the more i’d realize that nothing was the same
except my dreaming.
That better place wasn’t around me, that way my epiphany.
It is inside myself, and we all can find it if we are lucky.

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