So, THATS why I am happier. :)

What I want to say is,

I had always imagined you,
But I hadn’t imagined the existence of you.
You are my dream,
And I am the dreamcatcher.

You are fire,
and after being watered down with mediocrity
before you;
I am finally burning.

We have extraordinary conversations ordinarily
In such a short time you have me wanting infinitely,
Keeping my mind moving in directions that run circles
around negativity.

Everyday before today has become
and tomorrow with you is a goal.
Before, there were always nobody’s but I gave them
the somebody in me
To pass up time and to stay relevant in the life
of someone else, didn’t realize how much I was
losing,  until they left and I gained everything
when I met you.
For the first time what felt normal wasn’t normal,
My lines have changed from “I don’t want to hurt
you” to “I won’t hurt you”,
nothing is clearer
Love has found me, and I am happy.


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