The New

Hello friends!

I hope your weekend is wonderful, peaceful. Peace is a beautiful thing.

I’ve have searched for years-and in some ways I am still searching for peace. We have so many distractions around us, so many different types of chaos that is created by both ourselves and other people, that peace seems unattainable. However, I have recently learned that your location, energy, and thought process can change the dynamics of a chaotic life…it can make peace a reality.

Vulnerability is okay. I’ve learned that this year. Vulnerability allows change to flourish, showing that you can still be strong yet open to softness. This is a big change for me, as vulnerability and rejection was (and still is) a battle.

Another thing..
We have all at some point hurt someone in our lives that was close to us. Sometimes, those people are hurt and will do anything to halt your positive changes, don’t let them do that. Keep your head on straight. Don’t let them convince you that your mistakes permanently speak for who you are. Just hope that one day they will discover their own errors, forgive you for yours, and begin the process of their change.

More stuff soon. 🙂


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