She wanted to be respected, but her definition had been infected by the very same men that she’d expect to protect her. She speaks that one day she’d like to make changes, but that want for change never changes into a reality and the reality is it doesn’t have to, what the world requires from her is exactly what she is giving to them, making sure her body measurements are the right size and that she isn’t in the right frame of mind, to be desired is required but teaching her daughter the fundamentals of life as the best created from womb, the woman, seems to fall down low on the to-do list, but that doesn’t have anything to do with her as she is only one woman, who creates one more life and one more opportunity if only she knew how much she could make history, if she only knew how much our culture needed creativity, how we could paint a change on this black stain of cultural mediocrity, starting from the actions of herself, going way beyond natural hairstyles and birthing Black children and doing whatever is necessary to obtain financial wealth, we all pay the price one way or another, and maybe one day or another…the woman will recognize we will always rule as crowned queen, one day.