The Hardest Job In The World

The career of being Me.

The hours are strenuous, the stress levels are high.
I am simply in the most time-consuming career ever.
Always, I am trying to find ways to make a way
for myself, for everything around me.

Probably the most difficult part of my job is making
others happy. Kind of like customer service in a way.
You have to have a certain tone, bring about a certain
addition to their lives…and if you don’t? They will need
to be compensated.

But every once in a while,
Even when wearing your strongest armor,
You wish and you pray, that the people who are
Expecting you to pay them with continuous smiles and
positive vibes,
Will take a minute to see that every once in a while,
you need to be promoted with accountability,
and a moment of appreciating…

How hard it is to work everyday to please them,
And still have time to grow yourself.


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