You Don’t Know Me.

You’ve seen me as I shared my cries
told stories of my life, and still held my head up high
You don’t know me.

And even when I chose to share my secrets…
vulnerable , a wounded imperfect human
who chose to love your like-wise imperfection
You don’t know me.

Years and years brought undiscovered changes
both embraced and scary
and I was shown early that this life could be demeaning
thought I’d always have someone there to make it easy
but, don’t know me.

Guess this has taught me one thing
you were a long awaiting lesson in the making
and it took only crippling life change to see,
that I never knew you.

Hard to have faith in humanity
when you spend decades of your time building what
you’d think was unbreakable..

Relationships and love ending can throw acid on your ability
to build with anyone else again.


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