Bedtime Stores I

I laid spread out across a wonderland.
Everything around me was an amusement park. I heard sounds that transformed into moans, felt goosebumps rise upon my skin that felt like kisses, I kept my eyes closed because I knew that just one peek could take me away from this moment. She kissed me on my forehead first, her hot body hovering over me like a protection shield. Over 5 ft and 9 inches of her soft frame kept me wanting more. She whispered in my ear not to move a muscle, I did as I was told. She wanted to control my every move, I wanted to be controlled because everything in my life was out of control, it was a bowl of desiderata, every aspect of it had some unfulfilled need. That fact alone made this exact moment that much more intense.

I wanted things to be easy for once, for my decisions to feel right, for all of my past mistakes to disappear. Yeah. This is exactly where things needed to be if I was going to spend another second here on this planet. I think that she knew it too, because her confidence level was overpowering my discomfort, she knew of her capabilities, and any other time I would have been completely apprehensive of that, but this time it was okay. This time, I’d let the butterflies in my stomach roam…



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