Discoveries Of A Love Half-Wit

A million times I've heard you say goodbye.

I was certain.
Surely, no matter the circumstance, I'd always
have an opportunity to hear you say "Hi.."
But this time, you leave me with uncertainty, 

like what color eyes do I have
or what was my favorite food...
I remember putting my hands up some skirts, in some blouses,
through some feelings, squeezing hearts to the pulp as if they were
The whole time thinking "She's gone but never away from me..."
but you leave me with uncertainty, like what should I have said yesterday?..
and why am I alone today?
When just yesterday, I was sure,
Your body was mine to parish and rebuild at my discretion
Give me your heart.
Give me your time.
But, don't give me stress lines..

or like a nomad with no real heart or home;
I'd just simply walk away,
and know that your heartbreak was simply a temporary goodbye.

They say love is like a river that keeps flowing, sounded like bullshit.
but I see that the river hasn't dried, but began to stream another way
Now I am certain,
that my water supply comes from my own cries.

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