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Do not remember me when I am gone
If that thought brings you grief.
I hear that
callous marks decay a beautiful heart, and
You’re going to need that when walking
through the concrete fields.
Do not remember me when I am gone
because, who says the mind has room
for one million memories?
Or that we couldn’t pick and choose those
captivating moments in time that we are
happy to give time to;
Who says?
I say don’t remember me when I am gone
cause those moments, are gone. They go away
like wind, or like the time when we spent time hiking
somewhere in the hills of nowhereland,
and I stood picking away at the poison on an angel’s wing.
I broke out in blisters, you laughed at me.
You remember?
Hard not to.
But I still say don’t remember me, not now
if the thought is like an afflicting injection
of rejection flowing throughout your bloodstream,
And it becomes the host of your body, taking over your
immunization. I need you to be healthy, to care for the
reserved memories just in case they resurface
And when they say that love didn’t exist
You’ll have room to remember me…