The Humans Work-AfriCa

My skin is burning.
My skin is burning from the sun above me even when it is dark outside.
My stomach growls from hunger for change
I haven’t eaten today, but I say nothing because
My voice is silent from stolen sounds.
My brother is crying, he’s howling from famine
but nobody hears him.
WE are scared of the dark, but the dark keeps emerging.
Our lives are like unwatered plants
we beg to be watered with equality
to be chanced with opportunity
but instead with are riddled with war and poverty.
I close my eyes and watch my imagination run wild
wishing not for material things but simply to heal
the cuts on our bodies,
heal the AIDS all around me,
the Malaria in the babies,
Wish for the land to take care of us,
Let religion help and not hinder us;
Bring forth our fellow man to build our homes
and not burn them down.
I open my eyes and see that I am on different sand,
A different time zone.
But I feel the pain from the forgotten;
these people are me.
Grasping tightly onto my hands,
yearning for me to remind you
That they are still there, we should be there
Using our opportunity to change the world
to help change their world.


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