Life Isn’t Easy, Life Isn’t Hard…Life Just IS.

There is an old parable about a monk that is being chased by a tiger. The monk comes to a cliff, scrambles over and hits a tree root, he holds on to it. The tiger is above him, sniffing and growling, waiting for the monk to come back up from the tree root. Then the monk looks down below him, and discovers there is another tiger on the ground waiting for him to fall so he could eat him. Then he looks around and spots a strawberry bush with one perfect strawberry on it. He takes the one strawberry and eats it with contentment.”


The message that I got from this parable is, sometimes you look up and you see nothing but clouds, and you may look down and notice that you are low on your luck. But…if you look around you, you will see that there is something perfect to look forward to and be thankful for. Have to live and be appreciative for life itself.








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