It’s Nothing Really.

I am your abnormal, everyday artist.

I have one of those unexplainable imaginations. I can’t make up my mind about things, and I am anal and analytical about pretty much everything that goes on around me. People are astonished as to why I write so much. I express myself this way, if I don’t do it then I’d probably bury my head into the sand most of time. I can take your bad day and turn it into a story, and I can take the smallest situation and turn it into a poem. I probably drink too much, and as I get older I see that I am a bit *too* open-minded, because my thought process goes to “hmm..I wonder if I can turn this into something?”

I am obsessed.

So obsessed that I turned my friends cancer story into a book in merely 6 months. Her story is so fascinating that I can’t stop myself from going home, opening up my laptop, and adding in an extra chapter. Can you imagine? Being a regular 25-year-old woman with men problems, trying to determine your next move in life, and then being halted with such devastation? It was like a movie. She is an artist herself, naturally talented with singing and doing hair. Shes an outgoing personality that has a lot of friends and a great way of making you laugh, even when you don’t want to. The irony that she is the one that develops Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma just blows my mind.

Reviewing the events of 2012, I can say that a lot of good and bad has happened. It has been a long 4 seasons for me. Circumstances that have changed me, in ways that I was not prepared. Such changes has drastically altered friendships, ended relationships….I guess that was the part I was not prepared for. I am still thankful though,because ironically I am a lot happier then I’ve been, but it still feels like there is something lacking. Doesn’t feel like it is a person, more so like an experience of some sort. Weird.

Anyhow, just speaking to my readers :)…so you can learn a little more about me.



2 thoughts on “It’s Nothing Really.

  1. That is interesting that you turned your friend’s issues into a story. I tend to do this too only I usually write horror stories so I fuse some fact and some fiction together in order to get the right blend.

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