The Revealing and Unfeeling of Chemistry

The moment when your eyes meet and you instantly smile.
You have a bugging urge to learn their name, to hear how their voice sounds.
They must have felt the same way, because they make their way over to you to
introduce themselves. Even more intrigued, and look forward
to the first phone call, hoping that they are feeling the urgency as well.
You discover that they did, because they have already called you,
And you pay zero attention to the time passing by while you are on this
3 hour phone call talking about your favorite movie and how much you love your family,
Your beliefs on the war in the Middle East, and how much you love to travel to San Francisco and eat the
clam chowder. The talking is nonstop, and you want to be careful not to say the wrong things but
you never do though because the laughter, similarities, and chemistry are infectious.
You both are hanging on to each other’s every word like there is no depending on tomorrow.
Once the chance to get together approaches, you wonder what your outfit should look like to what perfume
you should wear, how you should wear your hair, everything has to be perfect, everything WILL be perfect.
Every minute in this persons presence is like a present on Christmas eve,
exactly what you wanted and exactly when you needed it, as you have almost given up
hope on what you felt you would never get, what you felt was rightfully yours and
was almost misrepresented to you by past lovers, you know that this time it feels right.
You guys share your first kiss, and it is electrifying. Could have never been too soon, the timing felt just right.
Naturally you will focus all of your energy in this person, making sure to text them
first thing in the A.M with a good morning, and sending off a goodnight before you close your eyes
and missing those opportunities only when they are laying in your arms.
The time is moving fast, as you are already in the 4th month of your relationship, and you are in love.
Sure, you notice that the prototype of your perfect partner is merely human with all of the human flaws
and though the phone calls have slowed and the conversations have become a little more intense you
know that this thing could be forever.
But as soon as you convince yourself of just that, you see that the time together has become far and few between,
they never have time for you anymore, they say work is hectic, bills and piling up and they are too tired to call you
after they get home from their day. You being their priority has become the minority on the list of things they have pending for their time, you are starting to feel the beginning of disappointment, the burning in your heart has fallen down into the pit of your stomach, how you can you stop this erupting volcano?

Chemistry is magical, because it can form and turn around every last thought and emotion in your body. From the minute of eye contact, you are hit with a power that is a force to be reckoned with.  You can never stop it, not that you’d want to because we all wait for that moment to feel it. But just as any emotion does, it can come and it can go, without any say so from you or your partner.
Despite it all, it is still the best feeling in the world and we will always continue to hope that TODAY is the day that we feel it again and again.


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