Revolution Series #2- War

Part 2-War

Time is passing by, trickling slowly through minutes moving like hours.
Inside them their hope is dying a death that they can not resurrect,
their bodies  simply a hollow shell.
In past positivity they would have never thought, these two
who abided by the rules of human kind,
that they would be battling in a war so filled with danger.
The war between chaos and peace, love and hate, past and present
expectations and revelations, creating an anger that neither one
of them are forgiving enough to purify.

With each passing day they focus only on how they can win each battle,
throwing grenades of destructive passion to one another’s already sinking ship of
happiness, thinking that if they could only get their enemy to throw up
the white flag, if only they could get their enemy to surrender,
then surely they would go back to a place of alliance.

What is only possible, is to forgive and let free the ideas of what could ensue.
If it shall be, will be.
But only if you have not succumbed to the war that is a love lost.


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