Revolution Series- #1: Love

Revolution Series: Love, War, Reality

Part 1- Love

I was a sleeping dragon.
Resting only when I knew the world couldn’t see me,
where I could hide securely in a cave.
Then a soft brush against my lips awakened me,
and  the disturbance brought a rage so fierce it was trembling 
I blew into the air, hot like fire..any unexceptional human being would burn to

Yet, she remained..
Her tongue flickered between the gap in her teeth;
she looked away, led her eyes to the ground where she knew
her discomfort wouldn’t be a billboard display.
Her skin was like a road map, each goosebump alive one by one
leading up to her lips where she released a sigh,
If only she had known then that her body would be her biggest
It had betrayed her.

She was the divine “I” in intensity that populates in multiple short breaths.
Gasping for a heap of air, I think I’ve fallen in love in threes; this revolution is life changing.
Wicked senses have brought me back to what was familiar in distance.
what is unfamiliarly an immediate memory
Love comes back with a vengeance, now you’ve gotten a hold of my sanity
I too, betrayed by my body.


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