T-Dizzle At War

I watched her as she sat across from me in a restaurant.
It was her birthday, and she was fighting for a new year.
Even with her cheeks puffed as pillows and eyes tearing from
the fear, she had a beauty more exotic than the Islands of Fiji.
She stared out into nowhere, whispering her apology to her guests,
“I know I’m going to be fine.”
I turned my head to my left, safe from exposure;
I’d never let her witness the pain I felt from my heart melting
through the frame of my body.
I was hurting because I knew her truth,
I knew that she was in a dual fight for her health, and for the little
bit of happiness she had left to spare.
The look on her face defined exhaustion,
Perhaps from knowing that each day she got up,
she could never give up.
Because each night I lay down to say a prayer,
Speaking a message into the air
“Never give up”.

😦 My really good friend is battling cancer right now. I am REALLY having a hard time seeing her down. Please keep her in your prayers.


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