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  • This is I,
  • Your yes person serving every satisfaction under the sun,
  • As I wait with open arms in my kingdom come
  • When trust should be in itty bitty pieces, This is I
  • trusting your unforeseeable betrayals
  • when the proper move would be
  • to pack my shit and run.
  • My index finger holds a flame at the tip
  • Blown out by excitement,
  • I draw a silhouette of naked promises intertwined leg to leg
  • and lips to whispers
  • Hollowed center leaves the unexplainable possibly
  • and you paint in bright colors and passions
  • We make love in artistic fashion
  •  This is a scary space…
  • Will it forever stay in place?
  • This time I am no longer afraid
  • because this is I,
  • and together with imagination
  • I become we, with or without you.