I am a stone, stolen away.
And the empty promises keep raining down upon
my head.
Have yet, did they pay
the price for my pain, which stretches in miles
the wait makes me an animal
that starves. I beg and fight..
 feed me what is rightfully mine.

Give it back.
Give it back.
Give back how the sand flies the sky, yearning to mix with ocean mist
the music created from the palms of working hands
and how the dancing happens with shoe-less feet that have walked a thousand miles
how eyes awake to not clocks, but beaming sunshine
and even the gazelle runs with pride, he is free to roam.
I close my eyes and remember
I am a stone. Away from home.

Left in debt from pilfered culture.


Pornatry #1

I am
Of the tongue.
Gets to taste
Whats considered
In between lips
and sheets
Feels vibrations
makes sounds
and never drowns
In passion.
I am
Of the tongue
Its strong enough
To move you
and weaken me
Oh, and it has powers
It tastes the air
and can speak words
while refusing to ever
take them back.

What Life Teaches.

Fear instills the will to live,
Hate makes one fight for  love
Time lost makes you appreciate time remained
You yearn to see more when you can’t see
To hear a voice one more time when sound fades.
To take advantage of the freedom to dream of freedom
and be ourselves and not feel any pain.
oh, how we dream.



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I am full of one liners.


Because my emotions are all over the place.


Let my fingers slide into the dusk of your sun rising, I will help you shine.  And when your humanity grabs to whisk you away to the safe land, I will hold you like a dark cloud hugs the rain..”

Where does one go when they seek to escape the paradise? Surely the brown grass turning into weeds can persuade the luckiest of them all that the dreary color equals the demise of their divine curiosity..”

To, the stranger,

I have taken away your name. I’ve stripped away your face. All that is left of you, is new writing material.

Body Atlas

Body Atlas

Because your body is a road map
I read and follow each and every
direction, the trip everlasting;
Planning to travel the distance
starting from the tips of toes to
Wherever pleasure commutes.
Awaiting to find where it ends
But each ending goes on and on,
So I become at ease around your navel
Warm hug around the hips
my lips sweep across your center
Your moaning is the door bell,
honey, Im home.