Heavy hazed.

Confused because I don’t know how to feel about this recent battle of words. Cutting each other like swords, childish insults thrown around in circles like we were playing tether ball during recess in the 5th grade. I failed and crashed during your last test, guess I was your test dummy of trust. Our relationship on its death-bed so I know these are my last words, mutual agreement to pull the plug on this lifeline. Thoughts abandoned while I kissed those lips, intimate activity amiss. My eyes open, guess I was looking for you.  I cried my tears to this loss, trust being the biggest, as you scream back my betrayal. I thought you knew me? Time and time again I tried to avoid you but you got me. And now as my name changes from baby to slut, from forever to “why did I ever…?”, I can go back to what feels comfortable for me, desolation. You can lay down with your eyes closed feeling you’ve won, and you would be right.