I can hear the sounds click clacking against my walls every morning
3 A.M. They call it the witching hour.
A mockery of a promised heaven
Beginning of a dream of happily ever after I remember slowly
each step up to the altar.
even with hesitation, I let my big toe touch the ground
Your hopeful eyes stare back at me, awaiting a happy marriage to security
The memory is of a horror movie.
You turn the knob and proceed at a scary pace
The demon covered in black clothing and guilty energy
Who knew I’d be the wife to the one that dwells within
I close my eyes, playing dead to fade any possibilities
To you, the devil..
touching me.
My body has paid enough of the sacrifice
And though my mind knows the dangers that await
My loved ones can’t exorcise me
I have signed on to be your love forsaken portal
Living where those in hell reside
Right beside you, devil in the flesh
Right inside you
Is where my life is put to rest.
I’ve died; I’ve died a thousand nights
Each time in the witching hour waiting for the clock to read 3:01.


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