Freestyle Poetry

A random poem sitting in my collection from like 3 years ago! lol, thought I’d share.

Didn’t know which to prefer,
the happiness that is your love..
Savagely searched, selfishly kept,
or the truth that is your distrust

I am a lying bastard, and are  love.
We both search for ecstasy
soaring in open skies, just us two alone, or so we thought.

We then bump into the wings of a number three,
number 3 being another she;
She knocked us down to the ground, back to earth;

I think you fell the hardest, because you cried out in
Said your insides hurt the most, something was broken
Pointing to your chest..

I told you that mending that pain would require me to
perform magic tricks and stunts,

 to be gone. Poof! Me dissipating is your antidote.


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