I know its probably really weird for you to get a letter from your future and all, but I have an important message to give. I woke up the other morning being reminded of that damn past, you know..the present that you are in. I saw that you thought of self-erasure while walking with your chin down to avoid the difference in your eyes, let me tell you a story. I found myself reminiscing about a day I was sitting in class and one of my classmates told other classmates that God does hate. I thought, “God hates? God, why would God, who has the power to create, create someone he’d hate?” Rather advanced for my little mind, but I always went back to the question because no matter how many smart people I talked to they never knew the answer. My secrets were like the colors of dark skin in days of oppression, think those days are still going though but that’s another story. Since that day in class when my classmate said that to the other classmates I walked around school scattered, I was a dissembled clutter box, my mind couldn’t fathom, God hating me would be bad right? I mean…then I’d have to go to hell! I heard it was hot down there and they didn’t have any good books to read, that’s important to me ya know since it’s hard to escape from a world with no imagination. I live freely here on earth and like to escape to different places thats probably how I am able to write you this letter. Oh, back to your day…it gets easier when you come to be my age in the future. not because the people evolve, but because you evolve, learning to hug yourself the tightest, the hold is so strong no one can pry your arms away. You come out, being a bigger person meaning you can make up your own answers, your perception of truth is nestled and protected both underneath your rib cage and in the your head but just in case you didn’t get the memo I wanted to write this to you, it gets easier, love is a quiet message but when you hear it, it speaks much louder than hate and boy does it say some sweet sweet things. You like to write right? I remember you being afraid to show your work because it sounded too gay, don’t. Paint with the brightest colors cause you light up the world each and every time you place the brush against the canvass. Sway through each and every room, don’t be afraid to look into their eyes because that intimidates them, which is fun…I mean..cause everybody already knows everything, right? So that means you can go on skipping in the direction of knowing the truth..You, you are truth. You keep the message going, kid.


You, approaching.


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