Who Am I?::::

Ahhh, hello!

My name is Kym, my friends call me Kymmie, and my enemies call me everyday. SMH..I mean really, they never go away!

Heee..just kidding. I actually have a lot of energy right now because I am happily off of work and able to cook some dinner and put the tv on my favorite channel, Investigative Discovery (I KNOW RIGHT!!!?) I feel like I post a lot of my poems, but not much about myself and i’d like to change that. So right now, this post will be strictly about ME. Give me an opportunity to share myself with my readers…

Random Information:

I am 5’11”. Yes..I am tall, and I love every inch of it.
I don’t  use profanity. I know, weird right? I grew up thinking that profanity was illiterate and unnecessary. Never needed it to form sentences. I do curse when I am angry or being naughty though. HEHE
I am lazy with grammar. As a writer I guess I should pay more attention to where I put my periods and my commas, but who has time for that?! I’ll get an editor sooner or later LOL.
I’d like to own several apartment communities in the next 5 to 10 years. Many to supply housing to those transitioning.
I am writing a book. It is one that I finally love so much that I can sit and focus on it. It is about a young adult woman who develops a terminal illness and copes with memories of her life. I’ll be posting excerpts of it here and there to get readers tuning in.
My birthday is in August, and I am a true Leo. I am aggressive, feisty, fun, a go-getter, and charming. I don’t know about all the bad qualities though. o_o
I love going to small smoke bars and play pool. Preferably gay bear bars. They are fun and entertaining to watch. HAHA!
My Favorite song is: Varies, right now it is “Twice” By Little Dragon. It is a writing inspiration for me every time I hear it, and I can flow some great stuff in my car when I have it playing in the background. I have posted a video.


So, I will keep this going. I hope that you…feel compelled to share with me as well?

Peace be upon you. 🙂


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