The Truth, Sadness, Love, Woman

She and her sin met in the meadows
Somewhere lost between the truth and the sadness
Their paths crossed repeatedly at the exit sign
Each one of them walking away…slow paces
Both in and out their own inconvenient universe.
Sin would hand her a note saying “meet me at this door tomorrow”
She’d sleep that night dreaming of the reunion
Waking up to stare  at how the grass leaves bleed green
They signified the blindness of her denial
No burdened maze or obstacle was going to stop her
From going through the meadows
To meet her at the exit sign
She’d see her shining as she walked in her direction
She was the truth, the sadness, the love, and the woman
that is within her.
She would try to trickle away from the label riddling her
Fantast is what she is called
A dreamer who dreams of nothing more than what is implausible
To have the one who walks away from her walking away with her
She’d say….
“Come away with me,
I’d be the new truth, I’d reverse your sadness,
let me be your love,
and rebirth you a woman transformed
into bless.”


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