The Struggles Of A Heartbreaker

I wanted to be your biggest obstacle.
The rain that hits your umbrella, the sun that shines in your eyes, the pain that causes your cries, but in that moment you showed me, you told me that your love was like Teflon, too strong for any hurt I could bring on, so I could go on and fade on..

If only I could capture you. I’d be your slave owner, you’d be my slave
Causing wet cheeks and make up stains, is what id do to ease my pain.

I’d whip your heart and no man above could save you, Cause when in Rome you do as the Romans do.

But before I could be your hearts reaper, you said “no, I am my hearts keeper, made of Teflon. Protected from any hurt you bring on. So you could walk through those dark shadows alone”

And alone is where my heart will roam.


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