She watched from the outside of her body the primitive tangle that happens when she and her love made love in a love hour. The speed was as if it were the last time, the last time zone, and each and every movement were seconds away from being a finality. Once what has started is finished she’d know that the victory she has planned would be amongst her,  the quickie will  awaken love and she will be freed from a slow-moving answer to the question “When will I eat?” because she has starved for her love.
Anxious to be in that feeling, to feel in that moment, she ran over to her body to finalize what was her desired fate, but  she was blocked by what looked to be an imposing obstacle. Her love had cheated her with a quickie in pleasure stealing her heart  from her body in the process, all for the sake of desire but all she desired was a quickie love to renew her.


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