Freestyle Poetry #7-Drunk

I wish I could be drunken 24 hours of my day. The thought of each swallow of hard liquor makes a hard life much easier to swallow
Just to be alone with you and be free, naked with an excuse.
We’re drunk.
Or perhaps I could wallow in a blissful intoxication that came merely from the thought of drinking you.
Since just looking into your direction makes me feel a high only a marijuana brownie could produce, it would give me the guts
to seduce you in my palace made of gold and diamonds, real because I said so- in my drunken fantasy that would include you
As my royalty, or better yet…my world.

We’d both talk to the wind and the trees not because we are crazy; see nobody can hear the conversation because they are too
sober on safety, on rules. But nature tells us and us only how we live in our own universe, drunk and all. We are special and exceptional, never slaves to the bottle
But faithful followers to the underworld that has us drunk on love and not love lost, oh, we shall celebrate!

We’ve made our home in a ship, sitting serene in the middle of a wine glass. Perfection we feel since no one can reach us in here, floating
on the waters, or are the motions happening in our heads? After all,
We’re drunk.
Still holding fast to dreams, living in that world..the dream world.


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