Attention Writers Alike

Hi!!! (rapid waving)

So…ive been on a straight poetry purge, mainly because it is National Poetry Month and I wanted to have at least one piece of work entered per day. I’m noticing that I have SO MANY talented writers who have been reading and following some of my stuff, and you guys have no idea how much that inspires me to write.

Do you have to be in love to write about love? Or feel pain in order to literally express word for word exactly what you are going through in order for the reader to feel it? I know the answer for me..which is not necessarily. Sometimes, I can feel the vibration of others in me. So much, that I can write a whole poem based off of a couples fight, or a crying mother who is weeping for her child. I could say that I am filled with compassion, or that I was blessed with the ability to *feel* people…so I guess that would be my inspiration.

I find it interesting that we humans share this amazing universe, with so many stories, feelings, and lessons. I think if we actually sat back and took  away the hatred, religions, morale, rules, and LOOKED at each other through art’s eyes that we would have an overwhelming sense of humility and respect.

Now I have a question for you writing folks….

Whats inspires you?



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