Tragedy For Breakfast-Sestina Poem

My first Sestina Poem…trying to put some form into my unformed poetry.

Here goes!

Thought pillars to the future laid in my eyes
Has it gone unforseen, my new tragedy ?
Served in the dawns light for breakfast
When the dreary wakes me at night
My smile is what I crave
Yet the woe continues to illuminate

Just as the changes of happiness fail to illuminate
Just make it easier upon my eyes
Mending together the broken pieces making me is all I crave
release me in compassion, Oh! you tragedy
Before the pain overcomes me in night
And consumes me like breakfast

Feed me a meal of exuberance, a champions breakfast
shine upon my scars, my love! illuminate.
Whisper me into the night
A happy sight, deep inside your eyes
Changing my view to bright from tragedy
Inside, that is all I crave

And when all I crave
Is a break, fasting sadness for breakfast
Make triumph from this tragedy
And around your earth I shall illuminate
Let’s close our loving eyes
I want to see your smile in the darkest night

And how I love the night
Like floating the highest in the sky, I crave
To again look so deep into your eyes
That I would no longer need to wake for breakfast
My next meal would be to watch you illuminate
And help me ignore my morning tragedy

Since you are my light,  to lose you would be my biggest tragedy
Because then, I’d have no choice but to embrace the night
Who else would be there to illuminate…
And give me what I crave?
I’d be then stuck with sadness for breakfast
And no one to share the happiness in their eyes

I crave you, I crave….
To find a way to feed on your love through the night,  no longer in need of breakfast
And remain sleeping so you illuminate through my eyes.

Ok…so this is my first one. Promise to write something more profound next time LOL. I just wanted to test it out…it’s hard, but definitely fun!


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