The Birth

I was once a single molecule bathing underneath the waters, with
dreams and excitement of the becoming. When I set fire
to the earth with my eyes, I became a brightened blue bird flying free.
Captured only by my own imaginations, wishing to be released further
into the skies, rebelling into the opposite direction and to be me.
Senses heightened by the taste of air, gave me energy to fly, to fly.
Unfazed by the loud explosions below my wings, can’t take my
blue bird wings away.

So then became the birth of a once tender beast, controlling the heartbeat of
the earth. I thought that power would cause an enormous plight, as I suddenly
became the chattel of my very own abilities. Who like I, can lead the earth?
As they see disasters in joy while lying on cotton candy, a pungent sweetness..
Let me save you, my planet. Allow me, the beast- to sour high, and rescue you from
your invisible catastrophe. What a great superwoman I’d be, superhero.


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