Why The Dog Howls At The Moon

Why dogs howl at the moon

Unreachable as it shines though the canines eyes
His wander expanded when the large orb brightens the sky
Wonder if the moon would take him away if it hears the dogs cry?
Sure that no one would notice him floating into the night,
He raced through desert sand knowing he’d take flight
Yet After minutes of running with his feet still landed on ground
He halted in place, dipped in sudden depression because he then realized he’d never be found.
He’s stuck on the earths soil instead of watching down below with King moon, lighting the dark
That fact caused the dog to lay down, knowing that he had to end his life, soul bound
to leave his flesh with the rest of the planet and get to the moon, so he too can have his soul crowned
And watch the earth from the skies.


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