Black Sex- Dangerous?

Happy Tuesday everyone.

When in the moment of sexual bliss, what are the thoughts that are moving continuously through your mind? “I cant wait to get his clothes off”, or “It’s been a long time since I’ve had some.”, I am pretty certain you are not thinking “I wonder if he has HIV?”

Buzz kill.

Today, women account for about 1 in 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. Of these newly infected women, about 2 in 3 are African-American. Most of these women got HIV from having unprotected sex with a man. Even with these alarming rates, we are rivaling with Countries in Africa with more HIV/AID outbreaks as time goes on. I wonder why this is? We could blame it on sheer ignorance, or even with the fact that we don’t expect it to happen to us, but both excuses are not good enough when battling an epidemic that is taking the lives of our Black women and children.

Brief education

I believe one of the main reasons behind the spread of the disease is that many young adults don’t really *know* the details of it. Sex Education in high school is both controversial and joked about, simply it is believed that sex at a young age is taboo and should not be practiced. But, as shown on television and throughout the youth pregnancies (especially with minorities)  in the United State , we know that it is unrealistic to believe that kids are not doing it. Causing awareness of the dangers out unprotected sex could lower the chances of it spreading.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV weakens your body’s defense system, which makes it hard for your body to fight off other health problems that it could normally resist. As time goes on, your body becomes less able to fight off diseases and can/will ultimately turn fatal.

Why so high in Black women?

  • Other STD’s- With lack of insurance, fear, or negligence, many Black’s do not take the time to go get themselves checked for sexually transmitted infections. Ones like herpes that break the skin open women up for easier access to HIV infection. Make sure you get yourselves checked periodically, and if you feel something is not right down there, do NOT have sex!
  • Homophobia/closeted sex partners: Unfortunately, it is widely known that many Black American men participate in unprotected homosexual sex (the homosexual part is not bad, the lies and lack of protection is), and then practice sex with their heterosexual partners, which exposes our women with HIV/AID’s. We can’t stop people from doing this, but you can protect yourself and get tested with your partner every 6 months to ensure you are both disease fee.
  • Partners sleep with same racial demographic: Black individuals stick within their own racial lines for the most part when it comes to sexual contact (compared to other groups), which means that African-Americans face a greater risk of HIV infection with each new sexual encounter.
  • Lack of awareness of HIV status can affect HIV rates. About 1 in 5 adults and adolescents in the U.S. living with HIV don’t know their HIV status. This means about  116,750 people in the African-American community. Late diagnosis of HIV infection is common, which creates missed opportunities to obtain early medical care and prevent transmission to others. The sooner an individual is diagnosed and linked to appropriate care, the better the outcome.
  • Lack of getting tested! There are several clinics that offer free testing for those who do not have the financial ability or insurance to cover the costs. Do a simple search online or go to WWW.HIVTEST.ORG to get the proper resources for testing.


It is never embarrassing to save your own life and ensure that you are safe and protected. Any man (or woman) who complains about having protected sex is NOT someone you would want to share your body with. Think of it this way…if they complain with you, then who else would they be complaining to?

Spread awareness of these statistics! Practice safe sex!



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